Buyers and Cellars (and Thieves’ Guild)

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 147

If there is truth in the saying that there is honour among thieves, and also that many hands make light work, then why is there no Thieves’ Guild? An ‘entrepreneur’ by the name of Darren Lightfinger had this very thought, and is now recruiting guild members to help him build a splendid subterranean guildhall. To this end he is tasking rogue adventurers with ‘rescuing’ a valuable ‘artefact’ in our latest quest, Buyers and Cellars.

Such a novice caper will be the perfect start to a long and illustrious career as a thief, but it’s only the beginning of Darren’s ambitions for his Thieves’ Guild. Following on from the quest, he has a series of other capers planned to test the abilities of RuneScape’s thieving community, each of which increases in complexity and requirements.

As you complete these Thieves’ Guild capers you will, of course, receive suitable rewards in the form of loot and XP, plus you’ll also be contributing to the advancement of the guild, unlocking further facilities and opportunities for training Thieving.