Bring on the Bloodbath!

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 715

If you have a thirst for danger and a burning desire to put your battle skills to the test, there’s only one place for you to be this weekend: the Wilderness. Throughout Saturday and Sunday we will be hosting some epic community events to get everyone in RuneScape working together towards one goal – a colossal kill count. You’ll be heartbroken if you miss out on the RuneScape Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Ready for battle? Here’s how to get your kill on:

  • Mod Wars Wilderness Trek – join a JMod team on a dangerous expedition through the Wilderness before jumping into a death match against the rival team.
  • World's Biggest Player Killing Run-in (PKRI) - we're looking to host the biggest Player Killing Run-in (PKRI) ever seen. How much of an impact do you think you and your clan will have?
  • Mod Captain & Mod Crow CC War - on Saturday at 4pm GMT the clan chats of Mod Captain and Mod Crow will be heading into the Wilderness to punch each other’s lights out! If you want to show your support, or just fancy watching a JMod’s clan chat get minced into jadinko food, now is your chance!
  • The Bronze Wilderness Challenge - do you have the skills and survival techniques to take on the threat of the Wilderness with only the cold, brownish metal of bronze armour to keep you safe?
  • The Quartermaster’s Market - a special occasion encouraging the trade of items and equipment so that the skillers among you can make a quick sale on gear and equipment for the PKing rush!

Can you guess how many player deaths will be racked up in the Wilderness this weekend? Enter our Kill Count competition by sending your guess to [email protected] with “(your guess) Massacred” in the subject line – don’t forget to include your RuneScape username! The player with the closest guess will win a RuneScape goody bag and a Wilderness T-shirt and the competition closes at midday on Monday the 14th of February.