Bounty Worlds (+1 Item)

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 712

With the recent disabling of Protect Item prayers on PvP Worlds, a lot of players feel that we had rendered their high-value weapons (godswords and dragon claws, in particular) worthless. While no changes had been made to the weapons themselves, the amount of wealth you had to risk in order to use those weapons was considered prohibitively high.

We obviously don’t want you to feel like your investment is wasted; we appreciate how much work some of you have put into getting those items! But, we also don’t want to undo changes that we feel are good for PKing as whole.

So, we’ve come up with a way of hopefully achieving both goals. Today we are introducing a new type of Bounty World. These ‘+1 item’ worlds still won’t allow you to use the Protect Item prayer, but, instead, everyone will always keep their most valuable item protected.

On these worlds, to gain drop potential you (as usual) have to be risking 75k (or 25k on a free world). Because you always keep your most valuable item on these worlds, this means you have to risk 75k of items in ADDITION to your always-protected item.

This has the following advantages:

a) It still achieves our original intentions of making it harder to gain drop potential and participate in rewarding combat without actually really risking something;

b) It stops high-value weapons being made worthless and still maintains that type of gameplay for people who enjoy it;

c) Conversely, people who feel the new, more powerful weapons unbalanced PKing, without any risk to the wielder, have a different type of world that they can enjoy too.

NOTE - Our ISP issues have meant that world 32, the planned +1 item Bounty World for free players, is not currently available. We sincerely apologise and hope to get this world back online as soon as possible.