Both POE: War For The Atlas And The Abyss Challenge League Are Available

Date: Dec/25/17 17:17:35 Views: 1839

Both Path of Exile: War for the Atlas and the Abyss Challenge League are now available on PC and Xbox One. The expansion brings with it 10 new Gems, ranging from Skill Gems and new Supports. The Skill Gems are predominantly focused around necromancy, whilst the six Supports are made to augment a number of different skills in all new ways. Players always tries a lots of ways to buy Cheap PoE orbs.



The new Path of Exile expansion is about a conflict: an ancient being known as "the elder" undermines the Creator's dominion over the atlas of the worlds. You're in the middle of this dispute that devastates the cards. In doing so, you explore the powers of the Elder. If you gamble on cards that are ruled by the Creator or Elder, you can find Deformed or Elder items there. These can have powerful properties that do not otherwise exist.


Although Path of Exile is an incredible game, incorporate several improvements and expansion "War for the Atlas." This expansion will include 32 new maps, new objects and new missions, among others. One of the strengths of the Grinding Gear Games proposal is the personalization of the characters thanks to a huge skill tree with a multitude of active and passive abilities.


The patch 3.1.0 of Path of Exile improves the usability of the menus in the console, as well as some panels in which we have to interact. Added the possibility of equipping a second weapon during the game and more customization for the HUD where our life and state is shown. New notifications have also been included when we are creating gems or objects. If you longing to know more patches informations, visit the official website here