Behind the Scenes – October

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 46

October is the month for parties as we celebrate Oktoberfest and Halloween! The conclusion to the Void Knight storyline arrives in the form of The Void Stares Back, our latest Grandmaster quest. Experienced hunters will be able to learn a new trapping method to gain Summoning charms.

The Void Stares Back

This month brings a conclusion to this year's storyline, the Void Knight quest series. After leading a band of unlikely companions through a merry dance of pest-tracking, mysterious figures and energy draining goo, we’re now faced with the very real threat of a full-on pest invasion, seemingly brought on by those most untrustworthy of knights, the Kinshra.

Requiring 80 Magic and a series of other 70+ skills, it's the highest quest requirements we have ever added to the game. You'll need those levels (and more besides) if you're to overcome the intriguing puzzles and powerful foes that stand between you and ultimate victory.

Charm Sprite Hunting

Also this month, we will introduce a brand new mechanic for obtaining Summoning charms outside of combat. Following the recent exploration into the Spirit Plane (see Pikkupstix and the Familiarisation update), the dire consequences of planar shifting have emerged in the shape of...well, nobody is quite sure yet, since they are invisible, but Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta is the gnome to find out.

Skilled hunters (72+) will be pleased to hear that they can head to the Gnome Stronghold and join in with the capturing of rogue 'charm sprites', which can be converted into charms as well as Hunter XP. Skill pures should note that this skill update will involve NO combat.

Oktoberfest and Halloween

Perhaps you're interested in some community-run events inspired by the German Oktoberfest? Pretzels await for those that are, and you might want to check out the Oktoberfest Fun in Gielinor forum thread for more information.

You can also expect a monster mash this Halloween, as Pumpkin Pete brings a bit of rock 'n' roll to Grim Reaper's mansion! Our third planned update for this month will require you to be the roadie for Grim's favourite band and get the entertainment back on track. Expect to be dancing with spiders, drinking with backing singers and gathering autographs. Party-goers with killer dance moves will unlock the player-morphing 'bone brooch', as voted for by you earlier in the year.

'Make-X' Improvements

Experienced players should note that, hopefully this month, we’re redesigning the most commonly-used ‘Make-X’ menus. At the moment, if you want to make more than one of an item, you have to right-click to choose 5, 10, X or All. The new design won’t require you to right-click.

Furthermore, when you’re doing actions such as smelting ores or fletching logs into bows, the existing menu offers Make-X but not Make-All, so you have to type the same number every time you open the menu. The new design will now offer Make-All wherever it offers Make-X.

Postbag and Gallery

Look out for a new Postbag from the Hedge early this month as Postie Pete drags his mailbag all the way to Daemonheim for a Dungeoneering special. Towards the end of October, we're also releasing another gallery page of your fantastic submitted artwork – this one with a Halloween theme, so get your submissions in now!