Be My Clanentine?

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 776

It’s the week of love and what better way to show your true feelings than seeking out others to share some special times with? Whether you are a lonely adventurer, a poet who doesn’t know it or just need to find someone to team up with – it has fallen to the clans of RuneScape to spread the love...

The focus is on matching clans and players together to form the perfect partnership. The basic idea is that you and your clans can create ‘lonely hearts’ style adverts, but they need to be seeking the perfect slayer, skiller, hybrid, pure, tank or whatever else fits the bill! The best adverts will really ‘feel the love’ when they are highlighted in a special forum feature thread. As we are also feeling particularly generous, we’ll be handing out prizes for our 3 favourite ads!

Get your ideas for your adverts together and send your heart-warming submissions to [email protected] – please include the word ‘Clanentines’ in your email subject line, and also your account name in the message (so we know who needs to receive the prizes if they win)!

Remember to be creative, fun and original – these are the key things that will help you find your perfect match! Even Zamorak could describe himself as ‘tall, dark and devilishly handsome’, so feel free to employ some poetic license.

If lonely heart adverts are not your thing, don’t worry; you can still show you care by getting involved with another ‘Clanentine’ event such as completing a challenge set by some love-sick JMods to prove your dedication and affection for the clan of your choice.

Happy Clanentines!