Attack Players on Non-pvp World

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 725
Many RuneScape players dream about being about to attack players outside of Pvp. If you are one of them then you may be interested in finding out how I could.

I had logged onto runescape from where I had logged off from yesterday, in the risking portal at clan wars (where all items are lost on death) and my connect started playing up. It usually does this but today it seem to worse than normal.

I had 5000k of adamant arrows (As yesterday I had come to clan wars to play with a few friends and train range), full d hide (including the charged coif), a rune 2h, str pot and half full invent of food left (sword fish). Then my connection started playing up, by this it randomly switches to only sending information for a while. This was at the worst time as I was fighting a ranger and the game screen froze so I couldn’t actually eat or run.

After a few minutes my connection had re-established (without logging off) and I found myself dead. At this point I cursed as I had just lost 1-2mill in arrows. Then I realized I could do something awesome, I still had the feature to attack players (though I did not have the feature to request assistance or trade).

As I had not been outside of the portal since I had last logged on yesterday, I wasn’t 100% sure if this wasn’t just a general glitch by Jagex. So I messaged a friend asking if the certain features I had stated were removed for him. His reply confirmed they were not and by this time I was already at the bounty hunter bank (As i had died I wasn’t wielding anything I could Pvp with, so I needed to get some stuff out of the bank).

During all this time my Internet was still playing up. I then decided to teleported to Varrock and noticed a guy wearing a yellow party hat. Though at this time my connection failed yet again and Runescape logged itself off. I quickly logged myself back on once I could but found all the features had come back and I could no longer ‘attack’ anyone.

I am sure many of you have questions to ask me about this so please do so via a comment. Sadly I never found out if I would have got a party hat drop or just a randomly generated one. Though it may be possible for me to recreate this glitch as my Internet continues screw up when I log on, I have no real intention of doing so.