Armies of Gielinor: Saradomin Strikes Campaign

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 714

The land is in turmoil. Zamorak advances from the newly-established Morytania, while Zarosian and assorted Bandos followers spread chaos and disarray across Gielinor. Even nature itself seems to rise against you from the north! A new order must rise. By the word of Saradomin, this land shall be united again! Foil the evil plans of Zamorak in his search for precious artefacts and cast out the invaders from our rightful territory.

Saradomin Strikes, the second single-player campaign of Armies of Gielinor is now available to FunOrb members! Reclaim the lands of Asgarnia and Misthalin, protect Port Sarim, conquer the secrets of the Wizards' Tower, and seize the Chaos Temple - all in the name of Saradomin. Different trinkets and unlockable units will be at your disposal in your fight over the 21 missions. To victory!

Also, if you have yet to try it, the Zamorak Returns single-player campaign is still available to free players. Take over the land of Hallowvale by fighting tooth and nail, raising undead armies and summoning great demons to do your bidding. Playing through the 17 missions will let you unlock every unit in the Zamorak grimoire, so as to push the Zarosian remnants out of the east and establish a foothold from where to fight Saradomin.

Wait no longer, for the God Wars rage on, and the battle demands a victor!