Announcement About SCAM Actions in RS Trading

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 845
We have got some reports from our customers recently saying some scammers have been pretending that they are from and doing scamming and cheating in Runescape.Most of the scammers states they are buying or selling RS gold, or trying to offer other services on behalf of customers trusted them and got cheated or hacked finally by losing gold, items or money.

In order to avoid any scams and being cheated, hereby, we would like to list some scam and cheating ways which are frequently used by the scammers recently.

1. Scammers usually state they want to buy RS gold from you, please note Runerich has its own gold suppliers, we never buy any RS gold from our customers. So if anyone says he wants to buy your gold on behalf of Usfine,he must be a scammer!

2. If anyone wants to sell RS gold or other RS products to you, the easiest way to identify if he is a scammer is to check which paypal he wants you to send money to.Runerich only has one official paypal account which is [email protected]. So if someone asks you to send money to any other paypal rather than [email protected],he must be a scammer.

3. Scammers like pretending he is an runerich staff and would like to help you with your orders, they even say they would like to give you free RS stuffs as gifts or compensations. But in this situation, they always ask you to give them your account username and password.
For example,one site "" claims that he is the new site of and ask your Runescape Account information to give you free gold.Please dont trust it.

So if anyone asks you to give out your account password on behalf of runerich,please just ignore, you can only give your account password via runerich official livechat if you have any problems with your orders.

If you have also found any scammers name, email, MSN or other information, please send your information to [email protected], we will post the scammers’ information on our site in order to let other players not be scammed by them, thank you!