Animation Pack 1

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 761

Recent additions to the RuneScape engine have allowed us to make some improvements to the game’s animations.

As you can see by the heading, this release is called Animation Pack 1, as this will be an ongoing project. These improvements will take time, however, so we have grouped the animations that we're improving into packs, so we can release them as we complete them, rather than keeping you waiting.

This pack focuses on some of the most popular melee weapons and their animations (abyssal whip, the godswords, Zamorakian spear, Saradomin sword, Dharok’s axe, and dragon and rune longswords and scimitars), tweening (animation smoothing), and updates to the Agility animations.

We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we've enjoyed creating them; make sure to keep an eye out for future animation updates.