Albion Online: Tank - Der Eisenpanzer - Kleider Machen Klassen

Date: Dec/30/16 11:49:04 Views: 1038

Regarding the upcoming Sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online, it uses a class system that does not have a class. The equipment is up to role you play, and one is the iron tank tank. Are you ready for buying cheap albion online gold



The Iron Tank tank plays a certain role in the MMORPG Albion Online, because it is supposed to stop enemies to determine the speed of a fight. The Iron Armor Tank is an enrichment for each group and can, for example, make enemy healers useless, chop up on the back lines of the opponent, and thus cause them to dissolve their formation. It is like a wall on which the opponents bite their teeth.


Albion Online Battle The Role Of The Tank


The armor set and the selected weapon determine the role of the tank and the capabilities it can use. These include:


1) Medium weight plate helmet

2) Heavy fabric chest

3) Heavy fabric boots

4) Iron armrest


The iron tank tank in the MMORPG Albion Online is quite aggressive. Due to the strong defense and the mass control of iron armor, the tank can become a handicap for each group. If the Iron Tank Tank can attack freely, it will make healing for your opponents a nightmare, because it is able to stun the healers constantly and push them back. If the tank is directly attacked, it can simply insert the attacks because of its defense and the damage reduction. This makes the enemies waste their cooldown unnecessarily.


When it comes to Albion Online aurelius update, in particualr the combo attacks of the iron tank are devasting. For instance, by making use of two defensive sprint as well as stun skills abilities, he can add the speed boost, this way you quickly land a car attack at the target, be ensure that you have a good anesthetic. While the opponent is still amazed, Nonetheless, you land without a shattering blow. Don't cheat yourself, can you reject cheap albion online silver?