Albion Online: Combat Experience Will Make Remarkable Improvement

Date: Jan/12/17 15:38:08 Views: 810

Both To PvE And PvP, with regard to combat experience will be made significant improvement, Albion online has a variety of system, Real-time against, Unlimited fun. As a sandbox game, the degree of freedom is very high. You can buy cheap albion online gold at UPAlbion



Have More AOE Abilities

Give small radius AOE effects

Show zergs on mini-map if and only if they have more than X players


Items And Abilities

Introduce new items 

Introduce new abilities to existing items

Revisit all items and abilities, and make the required balance adjustments.


Mobs And Bosses

Have more interesting mob and boss fights.

Better and more varied abilities on bosses and mobs.

Phases for bosses, requiring more specific tactics in order to beat them. 

In-built Anti-Zerg features for bosses, such as powerful and scaling AOE spells


Let AOE abilities scale with the number of players hit, i.e. if you hit 2 people, both get 300 damage. If you hit 3 people, all three get 400 damage, etc. Are you excited for buying cheap albion online silver