About the transformation of RuneScape from a challenging

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 951

RuneScape has become nothing more than a glittery circus of skilfully remodelled armour and weaponry and beguilingly beautiful scenery. We log on to the game to be greeted by a host of game-changing ‘opportunities’: the Squeal of Fortune, for example, granting us stacks upon stacks of unnecessary bits and bobs – mere novelty items designed to ensnare our vulnerable attention. RuneScape Gold. Like a self-conscious teenaged girl preparing herself for a night out, the core game has been buried under thick layers of ‘make-up’. Designers have re-worked and tweaked so much that, like the irritating moment when you try to perfect that painting and, instead of bettering it, you create a blotch thus destroying a beautiful piece of art, they have muddled and corrupted what RuneScape originally was. Most of us, distracted by the highly noticeable and impressive graphical marvels, have ignored it. And, by the way, I’m not talking about the Evolution of Combat … Surprised?

I’m talking about the transformation of RuneScape from a challenging, exciting and immersive adventure to a spoon-feeding nursery, designed for those with a short attention span and a passion for fireworks. I hope I’m not alone in this. And before you all start banging on about ‘07Scape’, as we all seem to enjoy calling it, I’m interested in the future of the game as we know it – not an additional offering made to appease the players of old. Experience is handed out by the truck-load, and that’s almost not an exaggeration. What was once an achievement to attain, for example, 60 Runecrafting or 75 Strength is now lost in the gargantuan mounds of experience that are available to a player be it from newly implemented training methods to the addition of an extremely versatile ability bar. No longer is it a fantastic moment to attain something that’s not a 99 or complete a quest that had a difficult boss, simply because levelling up has been made more and more trivial and quest bosses have been made more and more failsafe. No-one struggles anymore. RuneScape 2007 Gold. Where is the challenge? Did you know that the most effective method of getting from 1-60 Strength is by killing cows in Burthorpe? 60 Levels of cows, to me, seems an error; but a drop in the ocean of error created by the ‘modernisation’ on RuneScape.