A Void Dance

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 840

Despite everyone’s best efforts, the pest that got released onto the mainland is still at large. Perhaps a smaller tracking party will be able to hunt the pest without succumbing to the same fate that befell the last Void Knight landing party. Commodore Tyr believes you’re the person to lead the hunt, but you’ll not be alone in your endeavours. Two allies will accompany you, each bringing their own set of skills (and opinions) to balance your own.

Your hunting abilities will be tested, but that's not all it will take to get to the bottom of this. You’ll traverse jungles, fields and a beer-filled cellar, and turn your hand to chemical investigation in order to uncover the first of the enemies mentioned in the Into the Void blog.

Through careful application of your team’s skills and judicious use of your own moral judgement you will succeed in getting closer to the elusive truth of a terrible conspiracy. You’ll also be rewarded with training and Void Knight Commendation Points, which will be much needed for what is still to come...