A special item in the game Runescape

Date: Nov/14/13 11:41:06 Views: 480

Probably , there are a great number of items in the runescape, however, it is the helmet that we will discuss in the article today, which may help you understand the game.


To create one, a player needs to use 3 gold bars on an anvil. The Runescape Gold helmet is a quest item made during the Between a Rock quest.


The player can enter the massive Arzinian Mines near Keldagrim by being shot from Dondakan's cannon,while wearing the helmet While in the mine, removing the helmet at any time teleports the player from the mine back to Dondakan.




The option to make a gold helmet will not be available if a player has one in their bank. A player may continue to make gold helmets for 30 Smithing experience following the quest. However, a player may not have a gold helmet in their inventory while doing so. If they do, the avatar will say "I think I'd better use this in a furnace".


After 8 minutes in the mine the player breaks down and removes it,during the quest, the helmet becomes so heavy that, which forces them to restart that part of the quest. Along with the Barrelchest anchor, the helmet is one of the heaviest pieces of equipment in the game.