The FIFA Mobile Features Unveiled By EA Sports

FIFA Mobile, is an all-new way to experience football designed for mobile players, with the new Attack Mode, live daily content, online roulette and online leagues, to compete against players around the world.



Fast, fun and accessible


A completely reinvented game with a new and more creative attack mode. Faster, exciting, fast-paced bouts where you can take advantage of your squad's attacking chances only during your turn, then switch to your opponents.


Make the history of the soccer world


If it happens in the real world, it will surely also happen on FIFA Mobile. With live events, I live daily new content based on stories and games of real life all over the world. Fast and fun mini-games will allow you to receive theme tokens to redeem players and free packages.


Enter a team and conquer the world


For the first time, FIFA offers a truly social experience where you can join forces with those of your friends and other players around the globe to conquer glory in the Leagues. Compete for booming in the league trophies, completing the leagues' goals in collaboration with other players or testing your skills by playing against leagues around the world. Scala ranks and proves to be able to dominate the world of football.


Expand your team


The new way of creating roses will allow you to create a larger and deeper team, simplify player upgrading and better manage players in the field. Follow us during the season to find new and fun ways to improve your team.


Authenticity without rivals


With over 30 leagues, 650 teams and 17,000 players, with FIFA Mobile the true football is always with you. Play with your favorite champions and live the full football world.


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