How to Get Various Seeds in RuneScape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 5052
It's just a short list about which monsters drop seeds and other ways to get them.

The seeds

Seeds from thieving:

potato seed: pickpocketing farmers is a good way to get a lot of potato seeds. You can steal 1-4 seeds per action.

onion seed: you have to pickpocket farmers for 2-4 onion seeds per action.

strawberry seed: you get 1 seed per a successful farmer-pickpocketing.

sweetcorn seed: the farmers give max. 2 seeds per action; master farmers can give 3 seeds per pickpocketing.

watermelon seed: It's rare while pickpocketing regular farmers, but you can often get these by stealing from master farmers.

cabbage seed: pickpocket farmers for 1-3, master farmers for 2-5 seeds.

rosemary seed: pickpocket master farmers.

nasturtium seeds: pickpocket master farmers.

woad seeds: the only way to get them is pickpocketing master farmers in Ardougne/Draynor village.

white lily seeds: You can obtain these by trading mole skins to Wyson. He is one of the gardeners in Falador. You have to wield a Falador shield (3). [From achievment diary]

HERB SEEDS: Players can get rare and expensive herb seeds from pickpocketing master farmers at the marketplace of Draynor Village. Only few types exist that you cant get from master farmers.

You can steal Ranarr seeds, Guam seeds, Tarromin seeds, Irit seeds, Cadantine seeds, Lantadyme seeds, Marrentil seeds, Harralander seeds, Kwuarm seeds, Avantoe seeds, Snapdragon seeds, Torstol seeds; you are not able to pickpocket Wergali seeds from Master Farmers.

Seeds from monster-drops:

Mountain troll at Death Plateu: Wildblood seed, Jangerberry seed, Limpwurt seed, Whiteberry seed, Belladona seed

Ogres near Yannille: All of herb seeds including Ranarr and snapdragon.

Cave Horrors: snapdragon seed, Kwuarm seed.

Aquanite: Ranarr seed. Most of them live in God Wars Dungeon (north to Trollheim).

Aberrant Spectres (96): Snapdragon seed. Beware! They are powerful and immune to some attacks. 60 Slayer level required. Location: Slayer Tower (near Canifis).

Turoth (83-89): snapdragon seed. 55 slayer and a leaf-bladed sword/spear needed to kill them. Location: chaos tunnels.

How to get Wergali seeds:

There are 2 ways to get them. Firstly they can't obtained by thieving. You can swap points in Vinesweeper or kill monsters to get these seeds. I recommend killing Ogres. They live near Mobilishing Armies.