You Can Get Firecape Though You Are Pure

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 554

Every Runescape fan is interested in Firecape making and using, which is a truth. However they always died in game, they have to get new one. Someone keeps their account defense one level, also called pure account, they dont wanna their defense level up, because account would be ruined once defense touched. Normally, Range has to be 70+,Prayer has to be 43+,defense has to be 40+,then you can get firecape, But we have professional gamers, who owned over six years runescape powerleveling experience, they can get firecape for you quickly without touching defense level.

I am curious, How can I get firecape on my runescape account? There is no doubt any more. Yes, you can. Our runescape powerleveling service provide 24/7 firecape making. They get firecape for you, at the same time, your range XP maybe up, so it is good bonus. As runescape player, you may send one day or much longer time to get a firecape, But for our guys, it will only take three to five hours to get it for you. We can say it is really fast runescape powerleveling service. Most important is manual firecape making, it is safe for your

runescape account. Now, if you are pure account, please dont worry, we can get firecape for you, even you died in game.

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