Win stuff!

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 507

Books –like 3D tablet computers containing literally hundreds of words books are fully portable, wireless and using a state of the art touch interface, ‘pages’ can be manipulated in real time.

Some books just tell you about boring stuff like how to change the radiator on a Volvo 340 estate but others take you on a journey, introduce you to new people, new places and remind you of past adventures and acquaintances.

TS Church is a writer of books and is responsible for bringing to RuneScape to life with his novels “Return to Canifis” and “Betrayal at Falador”. Not so long ago, he came into the studio to hold a Q&A session on our forums and before he left, he signed copies of his two awesome books.

Copies of both of TS Church’s books are available on the store but we’re giving you the opportunity to win some RuneScape wearables plus one of two signed copies of his latest offering “Return to Canifis” and all you have to do to win, is answer these three questions:

1. Canifis is found in the heart of Morytania but what is the family name of the vampires who rule over it?

  • A. Gower
  • B. Draxan
  • C. Drakan
  • D. Colin

2. Home can feel a long way away when trudging through Morytania. What’s the name of the river that separates the grim land from the realms of the living?

  • A. River Salve
  • B. River Cam
  • C. River Soft
  • D. River Peace

3. Inviting an overlord to dinner is generally frowned upon in most social circles. This is especially true of undead overlords as they tend to stink up the place. Who are the people in Morytania who fight against such undead overlords?

  • A. The Mystique
  • B. The Myreque
  • C. The Mylittleponies
  • D. The Miseries

Answer all three correctly and you could have a ripping yarn on its way to you before you can correctly pronounce “Ardougne”.

Good luck!