We wish to make a runescape sizeable change in this struggle

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 418

I feel exactly the same way. It is unfortunate, but those of us that DO care must still try to make a difference!

Yes, Denorrak. You can find more info on the front page of the website or in runescape 3 gold game when you go to turn in tear shards and vote.

The level of ignorance I'm witnessing is staggering. The Behemoth (Siege) unit is overwhelmingly the better choice over the Lesser Demon (Hero). Are people really this stupid? Are they just lazy, voting without bothering to even read the two options? Or do they simply know not what they do?

Brothers and sisters, if we wish to make a sizeable change in this struggle, we must call forth the Behemoth! The Siege (formal name of the Behemoth) hits twice as hard as normal units, uses more powerful abilities, and a new power called "Bombardment" which strikes with vigorous fury against enemy NPCs and players alike all over the battlefield. It'll be able to defend itself against Saradomin's combatants and harass his skillers, as the behemoth is also incredibly aggressive with a long attack range, capable of hitting over 2000 lifepoints with each attack! It spawns every 10th "wave" of warriors, but has a whopping 212,500 LP!

The hero, on the other hand, will simply provide more fodder for our already engorged opponents to feast upon. It spawns more often, but this is far from a positive thing. Even thought it has more lifepoints than normal units, it'll still die quite easily, simply providing the enemy team with easier tear shards and sacred metal fragments. Its healing ability is laughable, and its effective range even more so. More than likely, this unit won't make it out of our base before being slain by Saradomin's camping players. It can fight, but only with melee, and will likely be as weak as a normal warrior in this regard.

If you've any care for the outcome of this battle at all, you'll vote for the behemoth Siege unit! With its decimating attacks and hellishly destructive special ability and natural toughness, it's the clear winner over this ineffective punching bag of a "Hero."

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The healing ability is likely to be as ineffective as the one the JMod clones used - both short ranged and with a low life point restoration. It's really not going to help us, especially since the battlefield is a no-loss combat zone.

The "Hero" spawning more often is a BAD thing. It'll be just like spawning more warrior NPCs, just ones with slightly more LP.