Ways RuneScape Might End

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 447
Ever wondered how the Runescape apocalypse might happen? You think RS is gonna go 2012 on itself? Well, if it is, here are some ways that it might happen.

Yes, Runescape is a great game. Known around the world, it has surpassed most games in excellence. Even the creators are astonished at what their game had become. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. Here are some of my thoughts of how Runescape will end, from least likely to most likely.

1) Hacking Spree – This is what will happen: A master hacker goes into Runescape. He looks at the name of each person he see, does his hacking magic, and BOOM, he’s got your account. He then breaks all the rules until you get banned. Repeat process.

Feasibility – 5% – This gets lowest mainly because of the update Jagex made about making the display name and the username different. Before, you just look at their names and you already know their username. Not anymore.

2) Bots Take Over – Hey, just like in real life! Imagine if all those botting programs became harder to detect, until it comes to the point that we don’t know if we’re talking to is human or machine. Once this happens, bots will be hard to ban, not knowing which is which, and botters will multiply, until almost everyone’s a bot. (Wow, sounds like Surrogates!). How can you call it a multiplayer game if there aren’t any players anymore?

Feasibility – 15% – Actually, this has a high chance of happening. Due to the speed of advancing our technology, we have already made some robots with the structure of humans. The only reason I didn’t give this a higher feasibility rating is that #5 will happen before this does.

3) Jagex Computer Gets Virus -Or whatever storage Jagex uses for the servers gets a virus. If that happens, the virus might delete everything inside, therefore deleting Runescape.

Feasibility – 30% – As viruses run rampant on the Internet, this is the 3rd most possible thing that might happen. However, I’m sure Jagex is well-equipped to battle them. Besides, I don’t think they download a lot anyway, and isn’t that the biggest cause of viruses entering?

4) All RS Players Quit – Man, this almost happened at 10/12/07. That was when PVP was removed from the game and trades became limited. Many player quit after that update. Thank Saradomin that Jagex put PVP worlds in and upgraded the graphics. It wasn’t enough to put everybody back, but it saved a lot of members for them. If another bad update happens again, then Runescape is screwed.

Feasibility – 60% – It almost happened once, why won’t it happen again? You search that date on the internet plus the word “Runescape” and you will find loads of ranting sites. These come from RS players. Most of them probably quit. This could happen a second time, and this time, it might not be saved by good updates again.

5) Apocalypse In Real Life – Hey, if the world ends, won’t Runescape end too? If robots took over the world, a gigantic meteor hit us, Planet X, Lamb opens the seventh seal, zombie invasion, nuclear war, ANYTHING that causes the apocalypse will likely end Runescape too. Runescape is run by people; once we’re gone, Runescape essentially can’t exist anymore.

Feasibility – 80% - This has a great chance of ending Runescape. In fact, I only added some doubts since we’re not sure apocalypse will actually happen. At least, we won’t know for sure until it happens.

Well, those are my fire ideas of how Runescape will end. I hope you find a way to save yourself when RS Apocalypse comes!