Using Bird Snares Catching Birds

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Using bird snares, available from the hunter shops for about 6 coins, you can trap birds. After setting up a trap, if a bird flies over and attempts to perch on top of it, it may catch the bird. If it fails to catch the bird, or if the trap falls over by itself (it will after a set amount of time), the trap will have to be dismantled and set up again; or, you can just right-click 'Lay bird snare' to reset the trap. You receive experience when taking the ensnared bird from the trap. You also get bones, raw bird meat, and coloured feathers.

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At Level 39 Hunter, a player is able to smoke a trap. Smoking traps removes a player's scent and increases the chance of snaring a bird. Torches are available at hunter shops and can be lit with a Tinderbox.

A player needs to set the snare where the birds will fly over it and wait for one to come. Only one snare can be placed on one tile, so players compete with each other to get a spot. Generally, there is not much competition at bird hunting areas, even higher levelled ones. A higher hunter skill level gives a better bird catch rate. Players who are not patient might wish to combine bird snaring with the more active Kebbit Tracking. It should be noted that the traps should not be left unattended, as they may fall over and become dropped items visible to other players a short period after falling over. The easiest way to check for fallen snares is to monitor your game messages, which tell you when a snare falls over in the wind.