Triumvirate: Realm Vs Realm

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 413

Realm Vs Realm will see 27 battles, spanning three PVP worlds and three time zones, over the course of three days. The first battle will commence this Saturday 29th May at 00.01 (BST/forum time). Each of the three Triumvirate factions will have its own area to defend:

  • Lords – Dwarven Mines (north of Falador)
  • Judges – Lumbridge Catacombs
  • Reavers – H.A.M. Hideout (west of Lumbridge)

Success will be richly rewarded, with a total of 8,100 Triumvirate points up for grabs; these points will be awarded to factions according to who dominated each area during each battle.

Be warned, though: this isn’t an event for the faint of heart. Realm Vs Realm takes place on PVP Worlds, which means that, if you die, you risk losing your items, weapons and armour.

You can find full sign-up details on the Realm Vs Realm thread, on which you’ll also find more information on how to gain points for your faction, which worlds the event is taking place on and what times each battle is set to take place.

If you’re not yet a Reaver, Judge or Lord, you can decide which faction to join and get full details on all things Triumvirate by going to the main thread.