Triumvirate Gathering and Soul Wars Challenge

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 425

We’ve got two epic RuneScape Triumvirate events lined up for you this weekend...

First up, on Saturday 24th July, the three Triumvirate factions will be putting aside their differences for one massive celebration. The Triumvirate Gathering is an entirely player run party, which really shows what the Triumvirate is all about. Hosted by Sun Sioux, Jonesdawiz and Pro Reaver this epic party offers a great opportunity to meet the members of the Triumvirate and learn more about them.

We’ll be joining them to get up to all manner of mischief, from costume competitions to some mild Varrock-based arson, in what promises to be an entertaining day of events. Everyone is welcome; you don’t need to have signed up to the Triumvirate to come along. The party will start at 6pm BST/forum time in Varrock’s market square on world 50. You can find out more information and meet the rest of the factions in the Triumvirate Gathering forum thread.

Having a party with your Triumvirate fellows is all well and good, but pleasantries can only last so will be proven by this weekend’s second event – the Soul Wars Triumvirate Challenge! Yes, the Triumvirate will come together in the spirit of having a big messy fight and compete in a series of Soul Wars matches. The challenge will be running all weekend and is the perfect opportunity to hurl abuse at other factions and gain some well deserved influence in the process. You can find more details on the Triumvirate Challenge – Soul Wars forum thread.