Triumvirate: Castle Wars Challenge

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 507

Castle Wars received a number of improvements late last week, making it a very desirable location to be (and own), which begs the question: which of the three Triumvirate factions has the right to claim it? Is it the place for the sport of Lords, a violent courtroom for the Judges to sentence and execute their fellows, or an excuse for the Reavers to have a good old punch-up? It’s a tough question that requires a tough response, and that response is...the Castle Wars Triumvirate Challenge!

This weekend (Friday 4th to Sunday 6th June), members of the three Triumvirate factions will meet to take part in 27 Castle Wars battles across three game worlds (and three time zones), supported by J-Mods from each faction.

Full sign-up details for this challenge can be found on the Castle Wars Triumvirate Challenge thread, on which you’ll also find more information on where and when each battle is set to take place.

To take part in this challenge, though, you’ll first need to become a member of one of the three Triumvirate factions – Reavers, Judges or Lords – if you’ve not already done so.