Tips to Beg for Items on Runescape

Date: Feb/13/14 00:53:40 Views: 1168

Acquiring and selling items is what makes the Runescape economy go round,but how do u get started from nothing? Wether u are a penniless noob or just pretending to be-begging is a way to get free stuff in Runescape.


Create a new character if your current character is a level 10 or higher. Begging is bad enough, but if you're a high enough level player to know better, you won't have much success.Go to Lumbridge. This is where all the new players start and also where characters re-spawn after dying, so it is the most acceptable place for begging. Hang around outside the front of the castle.

Ask for free items. Type your request into the public chat so that everyone who is in the general area will see. Ask for specific items, such as a dagger or pickaxe, rather than money.Re-enter your request every couple of minutes rather than spam the chat window with requests over and over. You'll be more likely to get a positive response from others this way.

Make up a story if u have to.Tell everyone u just died and lost all your items before u could get to the bank to store them.U may need to garner some sympathy to get free items.Be gracious if a person does give you something for free. Thanks him and tell him you'll add him to your friends list and repay him in the future.

Warnings:Beggars can't be choosers, so don't be picky. If someone offers you something, take it. It is free, after all.If a moderator sees you begging and tells you to stop, stop and try again later. Getting a few free items is not worth getting banned.

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