The safety of the powerleveling

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 427
Have you ordered the Runescape powerleveling on a site before ?if you have ordered it ,have you lost your any stuff after the order is finished ?

players of the runescape really want to have a high levl ,and they really want to put the order to ask other gamers to level their skill up .cus it is so fast and they don’t need to spend so much time on it !but ,when you put an order for the Runescape powerleveling,that mean you have took a risk at the same time .cus for the Runescape powerleveling order ,you need to give the account information,your log name ,your password ,and even bank that ,after your order is finished ,your stuff on your account maybe be stolen .

As usual the company which you have put the order never steal your stuff, to the contrary ,they usually try their best to protect your account safety ,cus they want you to put the order on their account again .The best way to avoid your stuff stolen is that you can change your pass in time after your Runescape powerleveling have been finished ,or you can transfer your stuff away before you give the information ,and there I want to tell you the truth who have stolen your stuff as usual ,it is the hackers !