The RuneScape Team to publish the news

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 475

The day before yesterday, The RuneScape Team to publish the news.What is the latest news release by the official website:

Hello everyone. Sitting with me now I have Mod Pips, Mod Mark & Mod Philip, ready and primed to answer as many of your questions as we can over the next two hours.

Before we start, I wanted to thank everyone for showing their support for Old School RuneScape by registering their votes. I've genuinely been surprised by the incredible passion and support for the return of this service amongst many in the community. The poll page has seen well over 2 million unique visitors already, which is terrific; If only half of those visitors actually voted for Old School Servers rather than the 10% we've seen so far players would have smashed the 750k.

You can see that as of 8:00pm we have over 210,000 votes, this means that I can already confirm we are already working on bringing back the Old School Servers – now we just need to see what level of support you would like us to provide and what the final service fee if any there would to be. Where the vote goes is up to you!

Now for some even bigger news, thanks to a truly herculean effort and much of which is still on-going I want to pledge to open the Old School Servers to all those who have already voted (or intend to do so in the next week before the poll closes) on Friday night! (likely quite late ?). We promised we would give players an option to bring it back and we are following through with that promise. We've literally, been working around the clock to get a version up and running for you. Everyone will start afresh and we are not expecting any roll backs – barring any major technical issues of course.RuneScape Gold.

Remember it's the community that makes a game fun, memorable and truly great, it's not the tech, graphics or environment, so gather your friends and prepare to dust off your old school skills and join the Old School party this Friday.

I very much want to manage expectations, we have pulled out all the stops to do this quickly for you, the service will be rough around the edges, we still have tons of things to do to get it right, but due to the positive response we really wanted to bring this to you as soon as humanly possible. Please can I ask everyone to be tolerant and understanding of any challenges we might face together.

Remember: anyone who registers their vote will get their first month of old school RuneScape for free, regardless of the eventual poll outcome.

And now onto the live Q&A. You can post here, or message us on Facebook or Twitter. We've already tried to answer a handful of the most popular questions below. Over to the guys...

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I recommend every one here go to page #23 of the Q&A thread on the Runescape forums, (link in this thread) and scroll down to 'Jarod' s comment and read it. He explains what classic Runescape is and the way it should be. I agree with him completely that it prompted me to share it here. Go check it out. You will not be disappointed.