The Jagex Clan Cup 2009

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 404

Over the last three months, RuneScape’s clan community has been battling it out to determine which clans truly are the best. Blood was spilt, tools were shattered and the ancient war cry of “Lol, pwned u nub” could be heard across all of Gielinor. After the dust settled, three clans stood head and shoulders above the rest as Jagex Clan Cup 2009 champions.

There were three cups up for grabs: The Combat Cup, The Skilling Cup and the all-rounder’s favourite, The Combined Cup. Around 25,000 hardened players signed up for the competition, and during eight weeks of knock-out battles we saw over 100 clans dispatched, meaning that, come the final stages, the pressure was definitely on!

The Combat Cup final saw “The Titans” facing off against the mighty “Damage Incorporated”. As expected, it was a really exciting fight, and well-matched, with fantastic organisation from both clans. Ultimately, the Combat Cup final saw The Titans take the spoils, winning with 53 members standing from a 100 vs. 100 start, and the kudos for being the clan you’d least like to meet on a dark night. Congratulations, Titans - you really deserve it!

Next up was the Combined Cup, with “God Hunters” and “Wicked Fury” battling to the death. Both teams clearly meant business, but it was Wicked Fury who had the upper hand in the end, winning the Stealing Creation game 28,215 to God Hunters’ 16,845, and being duly crowned the Combined Clan Cup Champions of 2009. Wicked Fury, we salute you!

If that wasn’t enough, we then witnessed a hard-fought battle between 84 clans in total to decide the winners of the Skilling Clan Cup. All of the clans that took part skilled their arms off, but it was “Divination” who took the crown, with an impressive average of 71,146 XP an hour in a combination of Fishing and Woodcutting. “The Experts” came in second with 67,551 XP an hour, and “Malkavian Scourge” finished third with 66,694 XP an hour. Well done, Divination - you really earned it!

So, those results in brief:

  • Jagex Cup 2009 Combat Cup Champions: The Titans
  • Jagex Cup 2009 Combined Cup Champions: Wicked Fury
  • Jagex Cup 2009 Skilling Cup Champions: Divination

We’d like to thank every one of you that took part in the Jagex Clan Cup 2009. Together, you made the competition a great success, and have left us here at Jagex all fired up and ready for the next Jagex Clan Cup!

If you’d like to take part in the next Jagex Clan Cup, all you need to do is get onto the forums and sign up to a clan (or create your own, of course!), register it with the Community Management team and then get practising, as we seem to be developing an insatiable appetite for battle, skills, and watching helpless players getting owned.