The items in the runescape you are probably interested in

Date: Nov/22/13 13:26:39 Views: 446

In the previous article, we have referred to some items that appear in the Runescape, however, as for the runescape gold bracelet, it seems less. Surely, it not attribute to the insignificance of the bracelet in the game.


As the loyal fans of the runescape, you must have known that a Gold bracelet is made by using a gold bar and a bracelet mould on a furnace. It requires a crafting level of 7 and gives 25 experience when made. It offers no combat bonuses when worn. The total profit for buying gold bars on the Grand Exchange and then selling gold bracelets back is 129 coins. The value of one Gold bracelet in Mobilising Armies is 111 investment credits.




However, as the plain gold bracelet, it cannot be enchanted; only jewellery with gems can be enchanted, and the gem must be added during the crafting process, not afterwards. A full inventory of 28 gold bars takes approximately 52 seconds to convert into gold bracelets with the option.


If you decide to trade the bracelet, then it can be sold to grum's gold exchange in port sarim for 165 coins each. The rogue after completing summer's end will always pay the low alchemy price of 220 coins. These are great for minimising losses from smithing gold ores into gold bars provided you can sell them to the rogue.