The 07 servers were a great addition imo purely

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 377

Before the release of 07 servers it seemed like the majority of people in the game were bots legit players were hard to come by.

With the release of 07 half the game population moved to those servers and less and less players are continuing to play.

Does anyone feel that ultimately the waning player population is whats crippling the game and not necessarily the updates?

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The 07 servers were a great addition imo purely for the reason that its the runescape i grew up with and that its combat system encourages a revival of the pvp scene. Runescape Gold. However with seemingly so little players how long until the lack of social aspect makes grinding too boring to endure and the lack of players in the wild make pking die out?

For main game the wild has been revitalized somewhat thanks to warbands. It has infused new life into the wild due to the people going in to get the xp and the pkers going after them for the loot and the clans going after the pkers. For 07 scape it will eventually die out due to lack of updates. I can't seem 07 lasting for more than a year so if it is still active this time next year I will be completely shocked.