Ten Years of RuneScape!

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 411

ZOMG! 10 years of RuneScape, that’s a million dead dragons, a billion buried bones, a trillion lobsters fished, cooked and eaten, a gazzilion... ok you get the idea. RuneScape’s been around now for such a long time that we want to celebrate in the best way we know how (that doesn’t involve getting arrested or waking up in a country you didn’t fall asleep in).

We’ve a stack of ways to celebrate 10 years of RuneScape and after last week’s newspost inviting you to host your own events, Gielinor’s community clearly has its own varied and imaginative ways to jump up and down in excitement. Parties and events are being organised by communities all over RuneScape from the Wilderness Guardians to the Global Chat Shindig.

We’ve a gaggle of JMods lined up who’d love to pop into your party and provide a balloon drop so please do throw your own bash. Check out the forums for more details or check out the official thread to find out more. The official thread is also the place to go to find out about how to win prizes for the best real-life and in-game anniversary party photos.

JMods will also be getting in on the party action by hosting our own balloon drop parties all over RuneScape. First though, you’ve got to find us! Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be leaving some cryptic clues in clan channels, fansites, our Facebook page and of course our own forums as to the whereabouts of our secret balloon drops. You don’t need to be a detective to solve them, but if you know your RuneScape, you’ll surely have the advantage!

A balloon drop screams party like almost nothing else, but no party is complete without... cake! We’ve got that covered by making sure that in every balloon drop party chest, there’s cake and candles for you to prepare.