Something about updates that occurs in the runescape

Date: Nov/21/13 15:09:04 Views: 504

Probably there are a great amount of changes happen in the game runescape every day. Thus to the updates part, how it behaved comes to the focus of our discussion.


Due to six parts are involved in the runescape updates, one of them will be referred to in our article. Well, as the hidden updates which are rarely mentioned in either official forums or kinds of news, they are nearly published during every week.




The lead of the game used to add many small updates and bug fixes which were too trivial to announce. They are now including most of their updates in the patch notes sticky of recent updates forum section. However, there are still some updates which are not included in the patch notes for various reasons. This page lists the hidden updates for 2013. Hidden updates that occur separately from major updates can also be recognized due to the build changing.


We would like to share the example that the updates which are published on November 19. The grand exchange, grand exchange collection box, grand exchange item back history and Item set interfaces have been graphically updated. A Plank maker has been added near the taverley house portal to turn your logs into planks. Chaotic and gravity weapons, along with shields now have a destroy option instead of drop. Destroying them also refunds 50% of token cost.