Show the panorama of Runescape to you

Date: Nov/03/13 10:27:02 Views: 629

Be a loyal fan of Runescape,you must be aware of as much things about it as possible.Today, I’d like to lead you in the world of Runescape.Wish each of you could have a enjoyable trip.

Warrior strong against rangers, but weak against mages,which is the only class that primarily uses melee weapons. It’s Warriors generally wear heavy armor that protects them from melee and ranged physical attacks, but it dampens their ability to use ranged attacks and magic, and makes their running energy decrease faster.

Players are prompted to select one of three classes in the tutorial by choosing a weapon in Runescape 2007. The warrior initially uses a two-handed melee weapon, the ranger uses a bow, and the mage uses a staff. Eventually, each class can branch out into sub-classes and different weapon types.

The ranger uses the ranged combat style and is strong against mages, but weak against warriors. They wear medium armor, and can eventually use a shield with a crossbow, making them surprisingly sturdy for a ranged class. They can also choose between longbow and shortbow, but there are even throwing weapons, such as throwing knives, darts, axes, and javelins.

The berserker focuses on straight-up DPS and power to overwhelm foes. The sub-classes for the warrior are the berserker, tank, and tactician. Tacticians maintain a balance between their stats. Tanks focus on defense, obviously.