RuneTek 5 Game Engine

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 530

This week sees the release of a massive upgrade to several elements of the RuneScape game engine.

The graphics engine update brings with it a complete revamp of the Standard Detail option, bringing resizable window (for everyone) and fullscreen (members only) modes, as well as optional new features that include:

  • Distance fogging and sky colour.
  • Ground blending and path smoothing.
  • Underwater visibility.

We've also improved High Detail mode with shadowing across all world levels (if your computer can support it) and an improved minimap in both versions. You'll also be pleased to know this upgrade has allowed us to fix several long-standing bugs, including:

  • Mis-clicking in heavy load areas (such as the Grand Exchange) causing unwanted actions.
  • Progress bars on Grand Exchange interfaces not working on several graphics cards.

Less visibly, we've also taken the time to heavily update parts of the server action and scripting systems. The aim behind this batch of changes was to try to make the timing of actions more consistent across the game, which will help to make future content bugs less likely. We have done weeks of additional testing on these server updates, however, they are quite extensive and incredibly wide-ranging, so if any bugs have managed to slip through the net, we encourage you to submit a bug report.

All told, we have written or re-written around 50,000 lines of the game engine over the last few months to really improve these key areas and allow us to create a whole new set of exciting upgrades over the coming months and years.

This update to the game engine has allowed us to pull both the SD and HD versions of the game into the same applet. As such, we have updated the home page of the website so there is now only one ‘Click here to play’ button. If you wish to switch between using free or member worlds, this can be done using the ‘World Select’ feature, which can be found on the game applet's main menu.

Whether you see an advert above the login screen or not is dependent on whether the last world that you logged in was a free or a members’ world.