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In another thread about the same subject, a Mod told me the thread was long abandoned, and I'd be better off making a thread of my own, so here I am. I'd like to say that magic seems like it's got the short end of the stick in PvP, I'm not joking, I'll admit, I exaggerated out of irritation in my last debate, so I won't do it here. Note: this will be on the ABILITIES THEMSELVES, however, you can use magic in general to help back up your agreement/disagreement

First I have some rules to go over, please respect them or I'll have to ask you to leave.

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1. No insults, flaming, one-liners, trolling of any kind, if you're not gonna take this seriously, please leave.

2. STAY ON TOPIC WHEN YOU CAN, even I am guilty of breaching this rule sometimes, the only exception is when you're discussing spells/weapons and their relation to the abilities.

3. No petty comments like ''magic is supposed to be weak, you just have to accept it.'' or ''you idiot, magic is overpowered, a mage actually stood a chance against me and prevailed!"

4. If you're disagreeing please put in as much information as possible, and give sources ONLY from runescape-based websites like runescape wikia, please don't advertise websites.

5. If you can disagree with me/other posters maturely, you are encouraged to post here. This goes hand-in-hand with rule 1. I'm not going to waste my time against people who reject other people's opinions due to their superiority complex. No bias please!

6. READ THE TITLE!! I said magic abilities review! so expect both the bad and the good of mage's abilities. I'll be looking at it from BOTH sides, so be patient if I'm looking at it in an unbalanced view.

First, I'll go over the bad about magic abilities, personally, I think magic is slightly underpowered compared to melee and range, but I'm sure to give the good of magic abilities soon enough

1.) Combust only does 100-125% damage over time over 6 seconds, without doing 3x damage. Fragment. shot deos 100 188% damage over time for 6 seconds WITH 3x damge. this gives range the upper hand in this corner, as they can stun and use this, so if the target uses freedom he/she will suffer punishment.

2.) Okay, Surge goes 3 more meters in a direction than escape (10 compared to 7) but escape goes backwards, and it's better to keep your distance from your target when ranging/maging. I guess surge will be better if you're Runescape 3 Gold.

3.) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think impact only stuns for 3 seconds, where binding stuns for 3 seconds AND binds for 20 seconds.

4.) Hey guys? want to hear a joke? detonate. Anyways, detonate only seems useful when you need to kill a bunch of weak enemies that DO NOT stun in one blast. It's not all that good in Pvp, because it has a 2 square blast radius if I'm not mistaken.

5.) Wild magic is either a good thing about mage or a bad thing, It's saved me in castle wars even from people in range armor (although it was royal dragonhide, so it's not all that impressive.) However, it does have a risk of only dealing 50% of your active spell's damage. Where bombardment promises 219% weapon damage.

I know I believe that magic isn't all that strong compared to melee and range, but there are some concepts in abilites to balance things out.

1.) Metamorphosis does NOT sacrifice any defence for it's power, however it does only give 150% boost instead of 200% but the lowered power is well worth no lowering of defence, plus transforming into an elemental is ALWAYS fun. Also, Natural instinct + metamorphosis + anticipation + Asphixiate = Pwnage

2.) Most thresholds are seen as more powerful than ultimates, ironically. Which saves us the trouble getting a lot of adrenaline to pwn.

3.) Although us mages share this with range, our gear is lighter, which comes in handy. Plus surge has saved me in hit-and-run situations

4.) Concentrated Blast shoots 3 beams rather than one stronger shot.

5.) Asphyxiate stuns and deals decent damage, Do I need to elaborate more?

6.) WARNING: HYPOCRISY ALERT! Entangle is like an ability of it's own, which is decent for binding meleers, provided they don't have hybrid armor on. Also, I consider entangle as a ''false freedom trigger'' I bind the opponent with entangle, and they'll promptly use freedom, I wait a few seconds and I hit them with impact, and entangle. Which buys me time to cast a few stat lowering spells, to keep up my game... I'm getting sidetracked!