Runescape PVP revitalized

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 593

Its no secret that PvP within runescape (and especially the wilderness) is dead. and we all know why this is.cough EoC This thread is to propose the return of the PVP and bounty hunter worlds that used to be an amazing piece of content within runescape, as well as a few other changes to the pvp content within Runescape Gold.

I'm sure there have been many threads about this (i have read some myself) and I'm sure there will be many more after this one, but i feel i have to get this off my chest as the bounty hunter era was my favourite time on runescape.Now before i go into why i think PvP worlds and Bounty hunter worlds should be brought back into the game, i want to go into the changes i am proposing to make PvP content as good as it was back in the day.

- OLD (yes, pre EoC) combat would be used for PvP content within the game
- Special attacks would be brought back (for PvP and BH only) - Offhand weapons would be unusable within this PvP content (with claws being the exception,see below)
- The old combat level system would be visible when logging into pvp/bh worlds (a combat system that actually takes into account real stats.)
- OLD item stats will be applied (this means str bonuses, defence and offensive) so players can ACTUALLY SEE WHAT THEIR GEAR IS DOING FOR THEM
- Any new gear (like mainhand drygores and wands) will be given appropriate oldschool stats and will be usable in pvp and bh
- Staffs will be kept as a 2h weapon
- Lifepoints will be 990 (for someone with 99 hp) and all armour will give a SMALL ammount of hp boost (just like the nex sets used to do). This will counter the fact that a lot of weapons are considered overpowered, especially with the release of lvl 90 content.
- Overloads/Extremes will be usable and will give the same boosts as in the main game (so nothing will really be changing here)
- Each part of a set of claws will have half the bonuses as the original item had (and both sides need to be equipped to do d claw spec. this will also reduce the op nature of d claws as it will be technically harder to switch too)
- Old FoG bank will return on BH and PvP world (not on every world)
- Only the GE and the wilderness would be available on bh worlds (just like how it was in the past) - 75k MUST be risked in order to initiate a fight in BH or PVP worlds. Consumable items (food, pots etc.) will NOT count towards this risk and nor will the item that would be protected if the prayer was turned on. This will remove ALL 1 itemers from harassing legitimate players.

These ideas above would be used ONLY in bh and pvp worlds, as well as an ADDITIONAL option to have these rules in content such as the duel arena, clan wars and fist of guthix (and any other pvp content). The current wilderness (on every normal world) would stay as EoC combat.

Now onto my reasons why BH and PvP worlds in particular would be beneficial: Revitalizing the economy
- Losing pking items in bh and pvp worlds will increase the prices of items which have recently sank to rock bottom prices. Slayer (and various other skills) will become more profitable (whips, dark bows, mauls etc.) and this will have an overall positive effect on the economy. It would also add some use for lower level content like whips (yes a lot of people pked with whips in bh/pvp).

Lower level gear would also get a lot more use than it does now as it is good, affordable and most importantly disposable gear. PvP armour would actually be good again, instead of the junk it is now.

Brawling gloves
- what was that? you haven't even heard of this item? i'm not surprised. An essentially extinct item will be brought back to the game. And they are damn useful items that should never have been as rare as they were since the removal of bh/pvp.

Bringing old customers back
- Yes there are some players who quit over EoC but did not return to play 07 because it was simply too far in the past for them. Some of these players would return with the release of this content.

PvP will once again become a legitimate source of income
- one of the downsides of what is left of pvp in Runescape EoC is that when you do manage to find a fight (and win) you are likely only going to get a set of batwing robes (yay).

With the return of Bh and PvP worlds, will come the return of the 75k minimum risk, and the return of using melee in pvp.