RuneScape Elite Leveling Guide to Level 70

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 510
This is a very elite method to get your runescape character to level 70 fast. It works best for rangers and mages, but it is good for warriors too.

To start off this is the method I used once i started Runescape after 5 years of playing World of Warcraft. I got ot lvl 60+ on two character both memebers in less than a week, and i play a lot. So here it is


Kill these animal for one thing:

Cowhide—which go for about 200 gold pieces each!

Bones and raw meat are good to level up your prayer and cooking which i did. I got 35 prayer from cows alone!!!


best place that most people are aware of is south of Falador. Check your map if your new to the game. It is north west of Lumbridge by a lot. There is a farm South-East of the city gate where they are a lot of cows. It it a closer to the bank and has less people.

I would kill these cow until you got either 40 defense, 40 attack, 40 strength or 40 range, or 40 maguc because by then you can almost oen shot them and it one if not fastest ways to level because you don;t ever have to leave because you can cook yout own food. There is a fireplace in the farm south of cthe cow fields.

Hill Giants

Kill these guys for a few things:

Big bones—they sell for about 500 gold pieces each!!!

Runes—various kinds mostly nature, fire,water,cosmic

Limpurt Root—these root sell for an amazing 1,500 gold pieces each

You can either bank the big bones or bury them. It your choice. I sold them to get my full rune set.


best place is edgeville dugoen. TO get there you need to go to edgeville and south of it there a dugoen entrance and go there until u find hill gaints. It like a 3 minute walk. Before you find the gaints there a circular room with a brass key. Get the key for a shortcut. Best way to get to this palce is from varrock. North-west of varrock there shed that you cannot get into unless you have a brass key.

I would kill these guy until you have either 50 or 60 and even possible but rarly 70 in your desired stats. I would say 60.

Next part is super easy either kill fire gaints which you need thr waterfall quest done find out about that or kill moss gaints.Moss gaints are located in varrock sewers or North west of adrouge.

After you hit lvl 70 combat or 80 go kill dragon for MONEY ENJOY.