Runescape dugeoneering and more

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 466

There have been some things that I have experienced since the launch of html5 or Rs 3, whatever you want to call it. Some of the issues are either buggy or just inconvenient and I'd like to offer feedback on it.

Regarding Dungeoneering:
-The tabs/hp bar above the monsters in the dungeons are very annoying. I can't click through them and that's very inconvenient when attacking or picking up drops. The camera angle has to be bird-eye to see the doors and I can't be ground-view all the time. Those tabs/bars really get in the way when it comes to view. Also, the bar blocks boss prayers, meaning, you can't see what the bosses are praying.

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Can be fixed with interface settings by unchecking target info. However, I like the idea of the bar, it just gets in the way atm.

-I believe this happens to others as this came up in dungeons but sometimes chats and movements get stuck and the player isn't able to move or chat. While pressing "esc" twice or logging out and in usually does the trick, that gets annoying. Also I have found that sometimes "esc" twice doesn't work but clicking between chat boxes does.

-When switching loadouts the player can no longer move or have right-click options. It's fixed with "esc twice" but again, annoying and definitely a bug.

-On Yk-lagor the Thunderous the screen isn't settled when he attacks with "This is...." Also when the boss is found then freed from his barrier, the camera does the same: there's a sudden zoom-in then the view goes back to normal. This also happens at Trollheim shortcuts.

Other Issues:
-Item descriptions in the inventory are kinda obnoxious. It blocks out the entire items sometimes. I don't know if anyone else minds but I want to see the item's picture instead of reading it's name. For example: I have supercompost in my inventory. If I hover my cursor over it, the name blocks out the item. This goes the same for small items like seeds. This is a problem because using items together or even trying to click the item itself gets more difficult with the name label in the way and you can't click through it.

I actually don't remember how it was before, if it was the same or not lol, but it seems more "in-your-face."

-The private chat and chat in general was a bit confusing and still gets confusing. I have to either switch back and forth on tabs or re-click the private chat box to talk to friends. So for instance, I have my "All Chat" tab and "Private chat" tab as 2 separate windows. I click my friends name to talk to them and it appears in the private chat. Now if I don't click my "All Chat" window, any message I send after that will go to the last friend I talked to.

Before, we had one click for replies to friends and it appeared on screen and anything else we typed would go to public chat.

I find that the tabs for chatting are just inconvenient and confusing. I don't like to say that I can get used to it because it could be better.

-The chat in lobby doesn't work on the client.

-I like the minimap and the ability to re-size it but it just doesn't appeal to me much anymore. I hardly recognize what's on there, and the compass is still getting used to. I do however, like that the teleports on there. I seemed to get around better with the prayers up there too but that's just my opinion.

-Sometimes when the chats/replies get incompleted, pressings certain keys will make other windows and interfaces pop up. I understand it's for convenience but is there a way to stop triggering it?

-The beautifully translucent interfaces/windows/tabs need to be click-through! I gotta keep turning and turning my camera to click that spot I want to get to and etc.

Overall, when I first started exploring the interfaces, I liked it. I liked all the windows popping up and how I can move them and tab them together, but now it's just so jumbled. Everything takes up so much space! Yea it will definitely take some getting used to but I think some of these implements could be better, changed, taken away, or reverted back to a previous set up.

I'll probably have more, maybe not but here are some Positives:
-Minimap can be gigantasaurus map if I choose it to be. Very cool, it lets me see much more and I can minimize my clicking for running.

-Other than being forced to play on low detail, graphics looks good, not sure if you changed them, but it looks nice. The designs are attractive so no complaints there.

-The music was astounding after Rs 3 Gold was out. I still play my own music but it's sounding good, very powerful sounds.

-Just found "oldschool" layout, I prefer that but the screen is so tiny haha. With that said, I appreciate you giving us some options for layouts, transparencies and whatever else you put in there.