Runescape 3 has got the highest score from a Courtesy of the artist

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 449

British composer James has scored just about every type of game imaginable, from the final four Harry Potter games to terrifying Dead Space 3. We talked about his newest project, a big online fantasy game called RuneScape 3。

He said: My initial title for that piece was Circle of Light. I was just imagining a kind of open plain, a kind of sunrise scenario, tranquility, and dawn in this village. There wasn't a specific setting for it. As with a lot of games, the music is situational so it's not always attached to a certain location.”

The orchestral music is mostly used in cutscenes and menus, and to set the scene. But the music that you'll encounter while you actually play the game is much smaller in scale there's very little orchestral music there. It's mostly, as you noticed, this sort of folky, small ensemble music, featuring a quintet, woodwind trio, that kind of line up.

You can play RuneScape 3 online, and the developers, a company called Jagex are constantly adding new elements to it. And it game currency runescape gold is very popular during the players.
Runescape 3 is the beauty of an online browser based game, is that it's very easy to update music, because it isn't distributed physically on a disc. So they have a dedicated audio server at Jagex, and it's a case of just swapping music files.