runerich:Wildstar 20 and 40 man Raids video(Pax East Footage)

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Test wildstar 20 and 40 man Raids (Pax East Footage), keep moving and attack in the chaos of battle with everyone's efforts in trying the final success




Had awesome so

I am what we looking at yours right now we're looking at the at the genetic


And this is an example moderates alike and for those who view

Work tomorrow with greater rates are the obstacle

The blocks you from all that cool the job stockmeyer right

Some wild star we expect a great be 20 min

And forty sorry twenty percent thank you for C

Thank you with the crack so

When we first started designing these things I'm reproached

Your standard him in a while are your standard in style

Right and we found that we weren't having that much fun because pollsters


Totally different than a other animals come back we have lots of you

Gaining positioning movement dodging double jumping

And we weren't using those tools the star of so we have many developers from

All across the industry I'm going in at 6:30

Burns okay while starr combat and actually it took us a couple years to

Get used to it

But you can see after a couple years really really really create some great

Stuff here

Yet so much let's talk about that and the creation process in this and

You know looking at this room alas not gonna yep what's the intended difficulty

This actually we were aiming for the very very very very hard work

We want these to be as hard as they can be for Pb content

But whether things like say is that starting at level 1 we start teaching

The tactics you know to get you the stuff right

The 16th August early on and we slowly increase the difficulty

All the way up to a 50% so even if you haven't read it in other games

We're hoping that bite mutual 50 you might feel comfortable

Come comfortable enough to get in there actually season these tactics

An outright 20 yr for your close friends close friends clarence

Yes a let's hope that they stay close after these things it's gonna be several

I'm process be your friend I am

Now much admire you're only I'm I'll be honest here

Yes as much as Frost like that but he's hardcore here I don't think he's

Actually get enough to get this

Are aids and I think evil DL now and start crap outta me

I thats I'm so

Let's talk about something else in these on track marks right so we've seen some


What about trash moms I'd like to correct you there we actually don't have

Trash mobs

We call them base population because use a flash mob

I say their goodbyes totally different rate because we're designing our rates

We're trying to risk

Building a time the same rates stick six hours we want to make sure

Levery second that read is entertaining we don't want these morning trash party

At Lal

Right so what we're designing it every single portion that rate is actually


In seconds rate we go through every second and which are desire trash mobs


Baseball we try to make it so that each base Papas apostle

And then after those many puzzles to solve you might approach a minibus

Which is a larger puzzle macarthur the more complex

Complex to get there and then you can approach boss which is probably some the

Most complex puzzles for integrates

But really we wanna make sure that every single second

Every single portion attention it is entertaining for every single roll

Sl-class every single player some resigns boss fights we try to make sure


Pay what is the TV ours was the huge doing

Was the tank doing what is the ranged DPS doing what's the melee DPS doing

And we like to make sure that every second of it. fun if we find out

Any point there's a wall or boring spot during that fight

We go back n reiterated by we try to make it more fun and the end is

Hopefully likeness this case on a 10 minutes

Pure fun for all roles in class

Fun if you're masochistic right yes yes definitely

Fun if you're going to get in there and beaded on die

So another thing that in your I just wanted to touch on a quick

A lot of our raids have these mechanics were using the environment and it's not

Necessarily just

a boss certain type element share using our combat system any

as you see a telegraph some stuff so we can actually create entire

rooms themselves their our fights by these creatures we can actually make the

room come to life

and fight you attack you with fire it could be collapsing platforms

we can do any number things to challenge 3 keep them on their toes keep


like I said every second needs to be so

you guys are also looking at the date escape right now this is the forty


we haven't shown any interest us this is your first to see this

you guys even have like a three second head start on the people they're

streaming so it's like you get respect for that

this so I'd like to give a a round of applause to our artists because this

zone is freaking amazing looking

and us are array developers and you look at the Stella grass and

tactics to try to make the players are coming space screens

this is why frost does not live frost that's the one at Old Trafford there

huh dude II

faster they're on it because now this back Chris Lynch you the combat design

lead but he's also a professional bus thrower in from ever

sit on his business card I'm sorry about that shooting opera hey I wanna ones in


yesterday I can't I get yeah I like

up yeah my happy I

so I also wanna talk about we were

bird what's the other word for trash bass by bass population yep

down so Joe for those

you get laid off in those as well right yes

okay good right

yes I just wanna make sure

its it's not always just about you know came on a bus ticket that sucks

non-existent mildly insane yells out by the way going on

mister we we try everywhere just all along

attacks common reason people sometimes ask Don't Tell Grasmick combat too easy

oh yeah yeah how many are gonna be a Dutch this

level 3 have a new somebody we you know he say the desert listening

we read all the comments that are like YouTube videos and things we

read the forms you know it was in a lot of stuff and one other things that I saw

that made me laugh

yeah here

camp last night faces yeah so

I so what are the things that we looked at um

was like somebody on there was like orchestrating do like training wheels

online Dutch

these callers game cause the Telegraph training wheels so

dots training wheels with Belcher face I point out

just sent it's the tricycle and

death so I the desert family Listing apparently calling you out

from lives funny voices paratis

up look let's talk about this one a little bit to this room it

its getting corrupted we saw the corruption earlier that the property

where corrupt yes corrupt the other so

I you'll notice that as you beat this boss the room changes

actually they're losing to the bus right now yes

so what's happening here as the video the tug a war fire a

so you're trying to fight the corruption is cleared of the portion the corruption

and as they push that bus further and further back into the ramsey or treating


he actually densmore more powers as he gets further into the room so as you

as you're beating him mexicans harder and harder but as you start moving them

your users we call it a tug a war we think that

dipping on your rates skill equipment and various other actor

things you'll prolly get further into the room into you finally

happen skill or equipment to beat this boss service

this is a good example the groom is environmental hazard that we don't have

any pictures in this room

we expect you to get through it survive it with forty people as you can see that

the evil caretaker in the background he's he's actually creating a list of

yeah so this looks cool pic actually see a rematch

yeah Alexandria to show you some cool stuff so

com this one we call this a spectacular failure

just going on a spectacular failures so spectacular failure is

when you die lets get this on screen by the way we've got to

die arm spectacularly and we want you to know why you guy

which is be frustrated so in this case they can be fighting

experiment exiting i and a couple things you see here

the first thing I see is a tiny little Telegraph trading the size of platforms

see the platform lights lines this is the first time this radar actually I

think the third time this particular goods ever thought this creature

and they're learning it they actually don't have been yet they have no idea

what the hell yes but the doing about see what happens

its this is glorious he's like what do I do it's following me

and there

biggest that person right there

how for that force oldest

chill cap has regrouped and address the three groups like what did you do

how we beat this rain this for fun things about rates you're actually

trying to figure out how to beat these things trade

and so another person answering now he's like oh crap what do I do

yeah collars which all job of

that made you think I'm schedule there's only a blip so

somewhat more shining moment coming up it's really good

min hires oh yeah

warrensburg believes it were sorrow

big on the movement Jammu abilities

yeah came over here game ever

I at this is my favorite part of the video actually home