O' Little Town of Daemonheim (Christmas 2010)

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 376

This year, the festive spirit comes to Daemonheim in the form of Thorvar Crittersmash, a suspiciously jolly man who’s trying to bring Christmas cheer to his fellow Fremennik. He's sweet talked the Queen into allowing him use of her beloved Land of Snow as the venue for the Heimland Games: a suitably tough display of Fremennik strength, and certainly not a cover up for a Christmas party.

There's just one problem. When Thorvar went to Daemonheim to gather the Fremennik who have been battling away in the dungeons, he lost the equipment he needed for the games! You’ll need to head into the special Christmas dungeon and make your way through a series of challenging rooms in order to save the day.

Adventurers brave enough to face the icy depths of the Christmas dungeon will then gain entry to the Heimland Games, reachable through the Christmas cupboards set up in Lumbridge, Draynor, Varrock and Falador. You can return to the games at any time from then on to participate in festive Fremennik activities such as ranged snow pelting, ice skating (or "sharp blades of death" as Thok calls it) and seal belly-races.

You’ll also be rewarded with an emote that should gain your approval, a souvenir from the games and an accessory that may leave you feeling a little crabby!