Move on what we blocked before

Date: Nov/04/13 09:55:49 Views: 501

In the previous article,we had referred to the classes of Runescape.And next, we will move on to discuss them.


As we had discussed before,the mage class is strong against warriors but weak against rangers. Mages generally wear robes for armour and wield staves for weapons. However, robes and a staff aren't what make a mage powerful, rather their potent array of spells.


The heal spells are made for groups. Using heal spells, you can give a friend a lot of health without them having to eat food. Vengeance is a popular spell for combat, as it rebounds up to 75 percent of damage received in a hit onto an opponent, without interrupting a hit of the player with vengeance.


Certain spells can be useful in combat, but Lunar Spells do not have any direct damage spells.The cure spells instantly cure poison, and while they don't give a temporary immunity to poison like antipoison potions do, they are great if you've just beaten or ran away from a poisonous opponent.
If you have the Lunar Spellbook it is useful for Meleers and Rangers as you can heal and cure yourself and others useful for all combat classes to require runescape gold rune.


Magic can also be useful for other combat classes as with higher Magic levels you have more resistance to magic damage.