Minor runescape minigame fixes

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 472

These are just a few faults I've found with minigames that I thought I'd rattle off on here. Not to mention the fact they're all empty and rewardless, this is just minor flaws.

1.Fight pits, trouble brewing, fist of guthix, conquest, (Probably more), ALL NEED GLOBAL WORLDS. Like, as an option. Remember we used to have a choice at fight pits whether to search for players on this world, or one instanced world where all fight pitters were brought together in one glorious ceremony of alchemy and complaining? Do that.

2.Castle wars; Stairs. Fix the stairs. In EoC you can't attack as quickly as you used to, so when people just spam click the stairs in the castles, you can't attack them. Its hopeless. At least make it so stuns stop them from going up and down for 15 seconds or something.

2a.I also keep shooting through castle walls. That's a bit irritating. Doesn't cause any real problems but yeah, fix that.

3.Fight pits; Upgrade the tokkul reward. I get like, 180 tokkul for killing the very few people that actualy play that minigame. I can get 10x that off a tzhaar minion outside for very little effort.

4.Flash powder factory: This is really petty but does it have to be instanced? It seems like pointless lag for me to get pickpocketted on entry. Its not like its a team-dependant game anyway. And why are my points stopped at 1200? That's stupid, I've got nothing to aim for.

5.Trouble brewing; Is SO EMPTY, and pieces of eight are useful. 'The stuff' is such an asset to brewers yet we can't get it because the minigame is dead. Can we have more pieces of eight put into the game another way, like raiding customs offices or checking between the sofa at buy runescape gold player owned ports?

6.And hybrid armours are so, hard to get.Can I not have threads removed for arranging matches for hybrid armours, if the minigames are near impossible to find partners for?

Thats it. Will reserve a post for any other rants.

7.Castle wars; The golden tickets. Willi Wonkas chocolate factory tickets are nothing compared to the rarity of castle wars ones. Why don't I get tickets for losing? I'm a good loser. That's why I'm ranting. 1 ticket at least, or I might aswell just leave soon as I start losing. There's no real penalty. Oh no, I'l lose out on a chance at some free super ranged potions. Diddums.

8.Fist of guthix; Why can't my familiar navigate a rock? I've chased a guy for minutes around this place of ancient power yet my trusty aide has managed to been subdued by some ill-placed pebbles.Can we remove the pebbles? I mean, really.

9.Duel Arena: This isn't a personal complaint, but loads of people want to see their opponents inventory before initiating a duel, to prevent any foul play.

10.Char's training cave: Can the quick option for the pitch can be changed to 'make-fire-here'? The other option seems to have no use whatsoever.

11.Dungeoneering - Don't say it isn't a minigame. It isn't. Its just the Runescape Gold games/dungeoneering tab that won't stop appearing once you've completed a floor. Minor inconvenience, but really messes with my interface.