May Day Celebrations

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 409

May 1st heralds the international celebration of workers around the world. It's a day when the hours of honest toil and those that do it are recognised by all communities everywhere.

To mark this occasion we're putting something together for all the skillers and business folk of Gielinor. Falador Square used to be one of the most popular trading places before the Wilderness was removed and we'd like to focus on that congregation of commerce once more. On the 1st May we invite you to get together and sell your crafting wares on World 43 (Free) or World 32 (members) in a RuneScape May Day Bazhaar!

That’s not all though! We’re also planning some Stealing Creation amusement. What says May more than building a staff out of magical clay and using it to throw a fireball at an unsuspecting opponent?

Finally, for those hard core skillers amongst you we’re putting together a Crafting XP gain challenge. This is your chance to show all your rivals that you can gain the most Crafting XP this May 1st.