Make High Levels of Money in Runescape

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Although there are dozens of ways to make quick money in "Runescape," most of these approaches entail repeating a process hundreds of times, each time gleaning only a small profit. To get truly high levels of money in a single go, you'll need to also challenge the game's most fearsome enemy, the Kalphite Queen. When defeated, she drops treasures worth anywhere from 68,000gp to a whopping 5,000,000gp. No other enemy drops treasures of this value.


Ask a friend to join you in the hunt for the Kalphite Queen. She is immensely powerful, and most players cannot defeat her on their own. If you attempt to solo the Kalphite Queen, ensure that your combat level is at least 115. Even then, you have a chance of losing.Equip a set of Veracs Barrow armor. If you don't already have a set, you can purchase one at the Grand Exchange. Alternatively, hunt for your own set in The Barrows, which is found east of Mort'ton.

Travel to Shantay Pass. While there, purchase teleport runes for a quick escape, as well as prayer potions, super attack potions, super defense potions, super strength potions and super antipoision potions. Also, purchase a single rope and then 19 sharks for quick healing.Exit the southern gate of Shantay Pass and then immediately head west. After a long trek through the desert, you'll encounter the Kalphite layer.

Hack and slash your way through the worker, soldier and guardian Kalphites. The tunnel is straightforward, and as long as you follow the path you'll eventually find a hole going to a lower level. Use your potions to buff your characters and then lower the rope through the hole. Climb down to descend into the Queen's lair.Attack the Queen. If you've teamed up with a friend, position one player against her head and the other against her rear. This forces her to spin between the two of you, wasting a lot of her time. Heal yourself with shark meat as necessary. When she's defeated, she'll transform into a wasp-like creature.

Equip ranged weapons and use magic to take her down. Melee weapons are ineffectual against the flying queen. She should be relatively easy to defeat as long as you have Barrows armor equipped.Loot her corpse. Whatever she drops, it is valuable. Take it to the Grand Exchange and sell it. The best loot is the Dragon Chainbody, which sells for 5,000,000gp.

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