Live Developer Q&A

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 369

Have you ever been jealous of the Wise Old Man’s lovely party hat? Ever wondered just why goutweed is so popular with trolls? Perhaps you’ve enjoyed battling alongside Zanik or helping Veldaban solve dwarven mysteries? Well, this week’s live Q&A session should be a treat for you.

On Friday 23rd July at 9pm (BST/forum time), we’ll be hosting a live forum questions and answer session with two of RuneScape’s developers: Mod Ash and Mod John A. They have both been behind major quests; Mod Ash's previous projects include My Arm’s Big Adventure, Swan Song and the Wise Old Man’s latest adventure, Love Story, while Mod John A is best known for his work on goblin quests like The Chosen Commander, and the continuation of the dwarf storyline with Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf.

So get your questions for Mod Ash and Mod John A ready, and make sure you’re on the forums when the question thread is unlocked at 9pm. Questions should be posted on this forum thread and the answers will be posted on this forum thread. Have you got your thinking cap on? Oh yes, you look lovely. Enjoy the session!