Keybinds in the new Runescape beta

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 604

What are keybinds?
The majority will know what keybinds are but just to ensure completeness I will explain what they are.keyboard shortcut or hotkey is a finite set of one or more keys that invoke a software or operating system operation when triggered by the user.

Why should you change your keybinds?
Keybinding is essential for certain types of gameplay on runescape gold such as pking and PvM.But it also helps alot when skilling because you can bank/drop items/empty pouches/fill pouches much faster therefore leveling faster. Keybinds are essential for Pvp especially when hybridding, this is because you need to be able to switch gear and wack out the spec wep asap.

How do i change keybinds?
First and foremost you will need software called Keytweak,their may be other possibly better ones out there but this is one I use and works perfectly.

A few weeks ago, the new beta is open to all members of the interface system, it's nice to see so the players are actively try, and give us some valuable feedback. This feature requires that we compared to the others used to add key bindings NIS, open interface that you can use keyboard shortcuts. New interface system, it is a perfect combination, so now we have added to the NIS beta function.

The keyboard is now you are free to customize. We have already opened the almost all the interface functions and mapping to the buttons you want for you. This means that you can open your backpack with B, access to your prayer and P or home teleport T - is your choice! F key (F1, F2, F3, etc.), we will continue to provide our new management window, you will always be able to access options, and recorded through the exit button, but it is your definition.

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NOTE : Remember when changing a key, the function that was previously on that key no longer excists on that keyboard until you remap it to a different key or set it to default again, I would advise to remap the key that was removed onto the key that is being put onto that one.For example you want to remap W to Up arrow, when you do this W will no longer excist but the up arrow will have two keys, so remap the up arrow to W so when your typing passwords or anything it is still possible.This is the main reason i advise to use the numpad because its rarely used when gaming.