Jagex Clan Cup 2010 Launched!

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 355

It's normally a time of holidays, sunshine and ice cream but not this summer, not with the launch of the Jagex Clan Cup 2010! It's been a long wait but it is finally here and improved from last year’s competition.

The Jagex Clan Cup is set to see which clans are the best within RuneScape in three different fields – Combat, Skilling and a combination of them both. Set within Clan Wars, Stealing Creation or one of the many skilling areas across Gielinor, it’s sure to set pulses racing as clans battle it out.

Registration starts Saturday 19th June 12:01 AM BST and closes on Friday 25th June 11:59 PM BST. All you have to do is register your clan with our Community Management team for each of the different sections that you’d like to take part in. For more information, and how to sign up, click here.

For each of the winners there will be some fantastic rewards such as a Big Ticket draw for each winning clan as well as your clan name immortalised in-game on a Jagex Cup winners plaque!

For more details and information about the Jagex Cup, or to ask a question, head over to the Jagex Cup forum.