It is no harm to your upgrading

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It is probably that know as much lore of the matter you are touching as possible is beneficial for us to upgrade in the fierce competition. Therefore, we ought to try our best to search for more valid information.


You might have known that the gold charms are the lowest level charm of the four major types of charms used in the Summoning skill. Common ways to obtain gold charms are as a drop from various monsters, hunting charm sprites, and thieving Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests. It is possible to receive multiple charms in one drop from higher levelled opponents.




Gold charms may also be purchased by using zeal points obtained from the Soul Wars minigame or by visiting the summoning shop in Burthorpe for one free sample gold charm. Players will receive 275 gold charms upon completion of the Wolf Whistle quest that may be used to start training the skill. As gold charms give between 4.8 to 93.2 experience each depending on the pouch made. They are not as popular with higher leveled summoners on the runescape wiki as other charms due to their lower experience rates.


As with the other three major charm types, gold charms may be used in Dungeoneering to summon followers. Other colours of charms are green, crimson, and blue. There was also a 'glitch' in the Dagannoth Lighthouse where there is a gold charm that is dropped but unobtainable; however, some speculate this is a counter measure to bots as they will click on the unobtainable charm for hours, although this is probably just a mistake.